A fortnight of links – 20141110

Why aren’t women advancing at work? Ask a transgender person – Jessica Nordell at the New Republic.

Males exist.  Does it matter? – Hanna Kokko giving a talk at NIMBioS tomorrow (11 November), that you can stream it here at 3:30 EST.

Does reciprocity explain human cooperation? – Robert Boyd giving a talk at NIMBioS next week (18 November), that you can stream it here at 3:30 EST.

Brilliant impersonators – Kat McGowan in Aeon on why imitation makes us human.

Big Data needs Thick Data – Tricia Wang at Ethnography Matters. A potentially useful way of framing the need for context.

Darwin was wrong about a lot of things – Mark McPeek at Enallgma. That Darwin was wrong about some things concerning evolution is not some black mark against the science of evolution itself.

As species decline, so does research funding – Terrie M. Williams in the LA Times. The author’s work was listed in Tom Coburn’s Top 5 most wasteful scientific projects funded by the government. She discusses the importance of her work beyond the talking point.

Off the Market – by Jordon Weissmann in Slate.  The problem of over-fitting in models of stock market behavior.

CoreEcon – “Teaching economics as if the last three decades have happened.” A new approach to teaching undergraduate economics.  It looks pretty neat!


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