A month or so of links…

Title IX- A STEP BY STEP GUIDE at Tenure She Wrote. I think this a must read for any current or future academic.

The aching desire for regular scientific breakthroughs by Andrew Gelman.  A very excellent post.

The Mission Bay Manifesto on Science Publishing by  Michael Eisen in It is NOT Junk.

Gender Inequity at the University of Tennessee. A dramatic poster recently presented by NIMBioS director emeritus Lou Gross at UT’s diversity summit.

Sperm whales’ language reveals hints of culture by Jane J. Lee in National Geographic.

Hey—guess what? There really is a hot hand! by Andrew Gelmen.  Oh snap! The old way of detecting hot hands was biased!

Remember your old graphing calculator? It still costs a fortune — Here’s why by Jack Smith IV.

World’s first all-female patrol protecting South Africa’s rhinos by Jeffrey Barbee in the Guardian.

The best defense is a good bee-fence by Caleb O’Brien & Sammi Dowdel in  Mongabay WildTech. This seems made-up, but if it is real it is pretty awesome if it works.

Here’s what actually gets terrorists to tell the truth — and it’s not torture by Peter Aldhous.

Good science communication means never calling them “retard” – even if you’re Nassim Taleb.  Taleb gave one of the most terrible, disrespectful, openly and unnecessarily hostile academic talks I have ever witnessed. His arguments may or may not have been sound, but he utterly failed to communicate them – and his behavior made much of his audience disinclined to trust whatever he had to say.

Fun (in that internet sort of way)

You draw it: How family income predicts children’s college chances by Gregor Aisch, Amanda Cox and Kevin Quealy at TheUpshot.

Tearful anthropologists discover dead ancestor of humans 100,000 years too late at The Onion.

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