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A fortmonth of links – 20150122

Try not to think too hard about what a “fortmonth” is.

Psychology, anthropology, and a science of human being by Scott Atran in the Social Evolution Forum.

Culture: A scientific idea “ready for retirement”?  by  Alberto Acerbi in LSE’s Culture and Cognition blog.

Two thought-provoking posts on race and racism and anthropology at the Savage Minds blog:

Nothing like #Ferguson to reveal those closeted racists (in anthropology) by Dick Powis

Racism is real, and colorblindness is racism: Truths from a Black Feminist anthropologist by Carole McGranahan.

Scientists instil new cultural traditions in wild tits by Ed Yong.

What book changed your mind: How culture evolves. Behavioral economist Colin Camerer in the Journal of Higher Education.

Mating market theory: the math of one-night stands and long-term relationships by Ryan Schacht and Monique Borgerhoff Mulder on their recent research.

How common myths about the human brain can be dangerous at Neurobonkers.

One does not need to be a scientist to develop good public policy by Mark McPeak.

My Vassar College faculty ID makes everything OK by Kiese Laymon.

Scientists are not that smart by Chad Orzel.

Two reactions to a recent paper about economists in academia:

Economists aren’t ‘superior’ just because by Henry Farrell.

Notes on the floating crap game (economics inside baseball) by Paul Krugman.

Entertaining (in that internet sort-of way):

Africa, uncolonized: A detailed look at an alternate continent a map by Nikolaj Cyon shows what a map of Africa may have looked like without European colonization.

How Americans die.  An awesome interactive infographic at Bloomberg.

Genetic algorithm walkers. Like QWOP, except played by evolution.

Inside a hamster’s cheeks. (I recommend this with the sound off)

Great Adaptations – A children’s book about evolution. An awesome book that was funded through Kickstarter featuring many of my favorite evolutionary biologists.

It’s 2015, and You’re in the Future by Tim Urban at Wait But Why.