Some Fortnights of Links

I compiled this post a couple of weeks ago, but it seems I never actually posted it.

In Saving A Species, You Might Accidentally Doom It by Ed Yong.

A Calm Look at the Most Hyped Concept in Neuroscience – Mirror Neurons – Christian Jarret

We Really Have no Idea Why Political Attitudes Change (or Not) a guest post by Bernard Winograd at Social Evolution Forum.

It’s a scandal drug trial results are still being withheld at The Guardian.

How Many Times Does “Don’t Promote Misogyny” Need to Be Discussed? at Life as an Extreme Sport.

Silent Technical Privilege by Philip Guo at Slate.

Important new paper on impact of having women as conveners on gender ratio of speakers at Tree of Life

introducing R to a non-programmer in one hour by Alyssa Frazee.

Statistics Done Wrong: The Woefully Complete Guide by Alex Reinhart.

I Had My DNA Picture Taken, With Varying Results – Kira Peikoff in the NYT.

Entertaining (in that internet sorta way):

Facial hair trends over time

History of English in 10 Minutes

Interpreting Your Students’ Quiz Answers at Math With Bad Drawings

How to Name a Baby at Wait But Why

A Horse Walks into a Bar comic at Darwin Eats Cake.

The World’s Biggest Cities Over Time Since 4000 BC from Ian Morris’ book “Why The West Rules — For Now.” (at Business Insider)

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