A Fortnight of Links – 26 Oct 2013

The Monkey Cage Gender Gap Symposium There is a gender gap in academia. Articles from this symposium addresses it, specifically in political science.

One thing about posting links every two weeks is that I am sometimes behind on the major issues. By now most of you have likely heard about the sexual and racial harassment issues surrounding Scientific American that have prompted many scientists and science bloggers to share their own stories. All of these stories are devastating, but it is especially salient when it is someone you know.

Darwin’s Business Conference.   Short videos from many of the distinguished participants.

Memes via telegraph!

The F Problem With The P-Value Sciences by Neuroskeptic

Trouble at the Lab. An article in the Economist questioning whether science is self-correcting.

Twenty Things Most Chiropractors Won’t Tell You by chiropractor Preston H. Long.

Numberphile explains the maths and politics behind the Number 666.

Unusable Words by Brad Leithauser

As always, it is a good idea to check out the weekly links at Evolving Economics.

Entertaining (in that internet sort-of way):

8 Unlikely Animal Friendships

The Evolution of Popular Music visualization.

This is, surprisingly, a straight line.

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